To take down a flower into their smallest components and then lay out the plant parts in a circular pattern that slowly will grow larger and larger from the center outwards feels relaxing and soothing. At the same time, the ability to concentrate is strengthened. You easily end up in a creative flow in this mindfulness exercise and often forget about time and space.

A flowermandala made of flowerpetals.
This is a flower mandala laid out on a black cloth. Six axis.


What is a Mandala?

The word Mandala (emphasis on the first syllable) means Circle in Sanskrit.
It is a millennial symbol of Wholeness originating in India. It is used as a tool in meditation exercises and is a circular shape with a repetitive and symmetrical pattern.
Mandala shapes are also found in architecture and buildings and circular patterns are very common in nature.

The flower petals do not necessarily have to be laid out in a circular shape – you can also create other works of art or flower pictures of the plant parts.

Examples of what you can create with flowers.
You can create beautiful art with flower petals.

Afterwards, the beautiful mandala or flower image is immortalized through a photo and with the help of mirror or kaleidoscope apps, it is easy to create additional patterns or images of the flowers.

Some patternexamples produced with kaleidoscope apps.
With kaleidoscope apps you can make fabulous patterns of your flower mandalas.
Come and make flowermandalas with me! Read more about it…

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