Flowercreate with FloraKonst

Flowercreate with FloraKonst

I organize flower mandala workshops and produce products with the participants’ own unique motifs.

To create with your hands…

Together we create art with flowers and other plant parts that we lay out on a table surface. I photograph the artworks and save the originals so that you can order your own mandalas as motifs on enlargements, postcards and other things. After a while, you might, for example, need a set of placemats. Then there is the option of ordering this with your own created motif. It could hardly be more personal!

I think it’s fun and calming to make flower mandalas! It will be so nice and you can make so many different ones depending on the season and which flowers are available!

This is a flower mandala laid out on a black canvas.


Book a workshop!

If you want to try creating flower mandalas and other flower art, send me an email: carina@florakonst.se
or call me: +46 731-40 24 88
You can also find me on Facebook: FloraKonst

It is a fun and creative activity for:

  • The girls’ meeting – You are a group of friends who meet at regular or irregular intervals and want to come up with some nice activity. Try something new! Book me in and I’ll come to your home or to another venue with my flowers and you can create mandalas or other flower art in pleasant forms.
  • The homeparty – As with the girls’ meeting, it’s fine to book me in for a nice relaxing activity – where the participants can create beautiful works of art.
  • Customer evening – If you want to offer a different activity for customers and visitors, please get in touch!
  • Association activity – Suitable for gardening associations, craft associations or the like. Try a slightly different activity where you get to use your hands and imagination. Can also be an opportunity for the photography club to practice on a new type of subject.
  • Teambuilding – Create art together. By using natural materials and creating a flower image, the team members can make their version of the company’s logo, which is then assembled into a collage. Or lay out flowers and other greenery for letters and put them together to form the name of the company/group. Create with your hands to increase creativity in the group.
  • Conference or kickoff – Creative and different activity suitable for both small and large groups.
  • As a therapy or mindfulness practice – Laying flower mandalas feels peaceful and relaxing. It’s stress-relieving and you easily end up in a “creative bubble” where you only exist here and now.
    If you run any kind of therapy activity where flower mandala laying would be a suitable complement, I would be happy to collaborate – get in touch!
  • Gift suggestions – Someone dear to you or an acquaintance, your daughter or great-grandmother has a birthday and the question often arises: What should we look for as a present? Then a gift card from FloraKonst might be a good idea. An experience to make a work of art yourself that can be preserved in various forms for the future.
  • The bachelorette party – Do something together and create an unforgettable memory.
  • Give mother a “floral experience” – “Mother’s Day” is fast approaching and it is, as usual, difficult to figure out what to give your beloved mother. Treat her to a floral experience! Let mother experience a beautiful and calming moment by laying out flower petals in beautiful patterns.

I thought it was very nice to try making mandalas. It was a little difficult at first, but then I got started! Good that you could look at a few different suggestions! It was very calming and stimulating. Good luck with everything!

A small selection of flower mandalas…

I find it very fun and relaxing to sit and make mandalas. A different way of using flowers. Good luck!


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