Flowers of eternity, a declaration of love.

Aren’t eternals or evergreen flowers amazing? Imagine being able to save summer flowers and greenery, colors and shapes! To be able to rejoice in this when the wind blows cold around the house corner and the rain just pours down.

De torkade blommorna ligger på bordet
The material is just waiting for me …

Why do I use netting in the vase?

I have always enjoyed making bouquets of all available flowers. But putting together a bouquet of dried flowers or eternels is not as easy. For the simple reason that the stems are hard and break off when taken in too hard. The whole flower needs a milder touch. That’s why you need something to stick the stem in. I use a piece of crumpled chicken net. I put the net frame in the selected vessel, pot or vase. This time the flower arrangement was to be made in a large copper cauldron on three legs.

Hönsnät används till att fästa blommorna i kopparkärlet
With chicken wire I form a frame to put the flowers into.

Collecting materials.

During the summer I have taken care of picking material in my garden. I pick the vast majority at the beginning of their flowering, except for the hydrangea, which is best if you pick it fully developed. As for the poppy capsules, the love-in-a-mist and the dill crowns, I have to wait until they have flowered over and the seed capsules have formed. I then hang them in small bundles upside down in a dry and warm place. If the space is dark, the colors are preserved better. The flowers I chose for my bouquet are:

En bukett av blå, vita och beigea torkade blommor
The colors blue, white and beige go well together…

How I build my flower arrangement.

Then I start to put down the stems of the ball thistle to create a basic shape in my arrangement. When I have determined the height and width, I then continue with putting in the hydrangea flower clusters and the white pearly everlasting. The game is to fill the arrangement so that the chicken wire frame is not visible. As a last little detail, it’s time to put in the seed pods of the poppy and the nigella. A few dill crowns also spice it up even further.

En närbild av de blommor som använts i buketten
A close-up of the dried flowers.
En del av den torkade buketten
White pearly everlasting, poppy seeds, hydrangea and blue globe-thistle.
Kopparkärl med det färdiga etenellarrangemanget
The finished arrangement of eternals in the copper vessel.

Finally, a few words…

After an hour or so of work, in this case also relaxation, I was able to place the flower arrangement in the already designated place in front of the hall mirror. This was a perfect place for dried flowers because they don’t need to be in bright light. It is rather an advantage to place them a little dark so they don’t fade so quickly. I’ve already tried a variety of other houseplants here and never got them to thrive. The Eternals, on the other hand, light up the room like a nice pop of color.

Blomsteruppsättningen på en byrå
The eternal arrangement adorns its place on the dresser in front of the mirror.

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